How to clean and maintain mirrored furniture

How to clean and maintain mirrored furniture
Keeping mirrored furniture in your room makes your room stand out in different
ways rather than keeping the normal furniture. But as mirrored furniture provides
elegance and style to your room, it also needs to be kept maintained to make that
elegance and style live forever. Keeping your mirrored furniture clean might be a
hectic task but it does not take much time. Here are some tips on how you can
clean and maintain mirrored furniture:
 Dusting your furniture
The main threat for your furniture is the dust that gathers up when it is not
taken care of well. To stop the mirrored bedside and other furniture from
the dust, it needs to be cleaned through dusting. Dusting is the easiest way
to stop your furniture from losing its
shine due to dust. If you dust your
furniture on a regular basis with a
microfiber piece of cloth, it would help
your furniture in preventing itself from
the dust and would keep on shining.
The cloth that you use for dusting
must be really soft so that it does not
leave scratches on the furniture as mirrored furniture is prone to scratches.
 Don’t let anything spill on the furniture
When you have the mirrored furniture in your home then you would have a
mirrored console where you would keep your things to store. Substances
like perfumes, hair dyes and lotions must be kept away from your mirrored
furniture because if they somehow spill on the furniture then they would
leave stains.
If you still somehow put these substances then you must make sure that
they are dry from the bottom. If you get any stains then they must be
cleaned with a dampened cloth which will remove the stains.
 Polish your furniture regularly
If you polish your furniture regularly that is once every two weeks, it would
keep all the shine on your furniture. You need a glass cleaner and soft cloth
to polish your furniture. For polishing, you need to spray glass cleaner to
the cloth and then rub it on the furniture. Directly spraying it on the
furniture is not recommended.
Polishing your Mirrored chest of Drawers would make them look new and
would prevent them from losing their elegance.
 Stop your furniture from getting scratches
There is a significant issue with the mirrored furniture that it might get
scratches if it is not taken care of properly. To avoid scratches you must
avoid keeping furniture in such places in your house where there are
people and do not keep your furniture behind the doors which might
damage the furniture. You should also refrain from placing sharp things on
your mirrored furniture to save it from the scratches.
If you keep children and pets away from the furniture then it would also
prevent your furniture from stains and scratches. If you damage any mirror
of the furniture then you can also get it replaced from the furniture shops