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DG Dental Lab helps dentists throughout provide the highest level of care for their patients through our superior
products and laboratory services. Utilizing the latest technology and techniques, DG Dental Lab offers a full suite of
dental implants and restoratives, including crowns, veneers, inlays, dentures, bridge units, implant bars and more.
Our products are made right here in the United States by our talented and qualified technicians and engineers, and
we provide the highest level customization to match patients’ natural dentition. Whether you’re looking for E-max
veneers and crowns, zirconia inlays, temporary or permanent dentures or anything else, DG Dental Lab has the
resources and equipment to provide the best products.
E-Max crowns and veneers have been a staple of modern dentistry for years. E-Max is preferred by many dentists
and patients for its strength, versatility and high levels of customization. The E-Max crown is a type of all-ceramic
crown, which is preferred for its longer lasting, aesthetic qualities. This crown and the Zirconia crown are worn due
to their highly attractive appearance. which ensures that they compliment the rest of your teeth. It is considered a
viable option for damaged, stained or poor quality teeth. Made entirely from ceramic, these crowns and veneers
are considered by many to be the best match for patients’ own natural teeth and breakthrough in crown
manufacturing technology. E-Max crowns and veneers are made from a single block of lithium-disilicate ceramic, a
top grade material that has been sourced for its strength, durability and opacity.
At DG Dental Lab, we recognize how important it is that patients’ dental products feel comfortable and look
authentic. Our entire business was founded on giving your patients healthy, natural-looking smiles and improving
their overall oral health. We believe that the quality and customization lies in the details of our manufacturing
process. Our team of experts works hard to match each patients’ E-Max crowns and veneers to their natural
dentition. Once you make the patient’s impression and provide us with the information, we will get to work
matching your exact tooth color via our comprehensive shade-grid. Unlike other dental labs that routinely make
patients wait weeks for their crowns and veneers, we offer 24 hour service on any dental products.
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