Come to know about Precious stones before buying them

Come to know about Precious stones before buying them
Many people have pieces of jewellery with some incrustations of precious stones. But
we must bear in mind that despite their beauty this type of stones can be more or less
fragile. They can be damaged by heat, vibration, or chemicals. That is why it is
important to know how to do care of jewellery with precious stones, in order to ensure
a long life to these pieces.
Tips to take care of jewellery
 Stones that have a hardness of less than 8 are highly sensitive to cracking.
Harder stones are less prone to scratching but are still subject to splintering and
fracturing. So mystic topaz must be keep carefully
 When removing soft stone dust, it is usually best to rinse only with clean water
and dry with a soft cloth. In addition, the jewellery made up of natural blue
star sapphire should be stored in separate quilted compartments.
 In the hardest stones you can use a soft toothbrush on the stone, but avoid
scrubbing heavily polished metal surfaces. A little soaking may be necessary to
remove the heavier deposits.
What are the qualities that make a gem or precious stone attractive, have quality
and be more valuable?
Beauty. As always, beauty depends a lot on the personal criteria of the observer. For
some, the beauty of natural gemstones for sale may lie in its colour, for others in its
brightness. The colour, although subjective, there are certain patterns that statistically
like more people and are more appreciated and logically more expensive.
The fashions: The demand and, therefore, the value of certain gems fluctuate
according to the fashions of different times. For example, during the nineteenth
century, natural London blue topaz was very popular. Nowadays these garnets can
also be obtained but the interest has decreased and they are hardly used anymore.
Care of Gemstone Jewelry for Your Wedding Function
 If you use lotions or hand creams, remove the rings before application. This
will help prevent the accumulation of dirt and grease around the stones.
 If you plan to do heavy work with your hands, take out the rings so as not to
subject them to strong shocks or unnecessary dirt. Even natural smoky quartz
is relatively fragile and can be damaged by a hard blow.
 Be careful with the use of ultrasonic cleaning products. Some stones are subject
to internal stresses - tanzanite, opal, emerald, organic gems (such as pearls,
coral, and amber), turquoise, lapis lazuli, malachite, and, any stone containing
important inclusions. So by using this type of cleaning specialized, you expose
yourself to the stones fracturing.
 Pearls, coral and porous stone such as opal, natural pink tourmaline and
malachite, should be kept away from water and oil to avoid discoloration. Wipe
gently with a soft, damp cloth.
 Opal, pearls, coral, amber, turquoise, natural rainbow moonstone and many
other gems are very sensitive to heat (and extremes of temperature changes).
So do not let them be in warm sunlight, near radiators, or in hot cars.