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The guardian has the authority to pay the bills of the incapacitated person. They make sure that there
are no self-neglect issues and prevent any devastating situation from occurring. A guardian prevents
financial abuse and makes sure that the needs of the person are taken care of. They are responsible for
paying rent, making sure there are groceries in the home, and taking care of utilities. Buying clothes and
shoes as well as other daily care items are also the duty of the guardian. Lastly, the guardian must also
take care of health care and taxes.
To become a guardian, an individual must petition the court. Once the petition is filed, the court conducts
an evaluation. They will check the circumstances and facts regarding the case. They must prove that a
guardianship is necessary. During the court hearing, the family members have a right to contest or
approve the action. Notices are sent to all relatives, and they are welcome to attend the conference.
During this session, the abilities of the said person are evaluated. After hearing testimony and seeing
proof, the court will give a decision.
At the Morgan Legal Group PC, we have vast experience and are some of New York’s leading
guardianship attorneys. We can help people initiate their guardianship proceedings. We assist you in filing
a petition to be appointed. We help you to gather all the essential documents to show that a
guardianship arrangement is necessary. Lastly, we make sure you have the consent needed to pay bills
and prevent self-neglect by the incapacitated person.
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