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Mortality is a grim but stubborn fact of human life. You cannot live forever, and it is important to create a
document, a plan, a set of instructions that distributes and disposes of your capital in the way that
accords with your wishes. You do not have to be amongst the wealthiest class of persons to engage in
estate planning. If you have accumulated capital, assets, and property that are of some value, and you
wish different portions to go to particular family members, friends, and independent institutions, then you
should start thinking specifically about who should get what.
It is especially urgent for individuals whose assets are considerable and connected in complex ways to
develop an estate plan. If you have grown a family business into a multi-billion dollar global company, if
you have shares, interests, and proprietary rights in a number of companies, if you own properties
around the world and have tied them to different enterprises, then it is essential that you clarify who is to
assume control and ownership when you are gone.
The livelihoods of hundreds or even thousands of people will depend on the soundness and transparency
of your estate plan. You may have the utmost love and fondness for your spouse and your children. You
may want to ensure that they are comfortable when you have passed on. However, the control and
administration of any companies that you own or are connected is a different matter. It may be your wish
that the people that you have worked with, trained up, and have the utmost confidence in be left with
the sole responsibility of running businesses when you are gone.
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