Pizza Near Me

Pizza Near Me
3618, 1650 Hulmeville rd
Bensalem, PA 19020
Sat - Wednesday 10AM–10PM, Thursday, Fri 10AM–11PM
All cc, cash
Our menu is huge! Breakfast items, lots of appetizers, and if you add up the flavor variations, dozens of desserts.
Sample everything! Your favorite take out restaurant in Bensalem! We always do our best with friendly service and
fast delivery.
The cooks from Italy became most interested in pizza. They produced various pizza products from the ancient
times to the middle ages. In the preserved ruins of the Italian city of Pompei, archaeologist found unmistakable
signs of the network that supported pizza production – from the street stands to the restaurant kitchens were
pizzas were made. Most important ingredient that elevated local Italian dish to the worldwide famous pizza was
arrival of the tomato from the New World in 16th century.
As the popularity of the pizza grew, pizza makers started to expand their business. The first restaurant dedicated
only for selling pizza was opened in Naples in 1830, and after that many more appeared across all Italy.
Today Pizza continues to enchant hungry consumers all around the world. New combinations of crust, toppings are
created daily, influenced by the local cuisines and food traditions.
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