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Zirlux crown, bridge, inlay and veneer implants have been a trusted and established standard in cosmetic and
general dentistry for years. Providing the strength of zirconia with a proven and innovative system of
customization, Zirlux is an efficient and viable means of providing your patients with quality dental restoration, no
matter what the scope of their needs. It is a low-maintenance and hassle-free way to give your patients a full and
healthy smile. DG Dental Lab offers customized in-house milling for all patients that require it. Some of the other
benefits of Zirlux include a simple stain and glaze technique, translucent look, high flexural strength, easy
fabrication and more. Zirlux has proven, for many to be an excellent alternative to porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM)
Although they are a standard and accepted resource in replacement dentistry, no all screw-retained zirconia
implants are created equal. It’s important to partner with a laboratory that can produce the best possible product
for your patients. DG Dental Lab is an established and reputable dental lab with the ability to customize our
products so they look and feel perfectly natural for your patients. We work with all impressions and offer a threeday turnaround on our products. Your patients deserve the absolute best you can offer them. Whether they need
a single crown or multiple units, we offer the highest-quality pieces and the fastest delivery. Get the specialized
and professional help you need today from DG Dental Lab.
At DG Dental Lab, we understand that each patient’s mouth and dental structure is unique, and we have provided
next-level customization options so your patients can enjoy a healthy, natural-looking smile. Whether they’re
undergoing a full course of dental reconstruction or just getting a replacement or implant, DG Dental Lab has the
highest-quality, most natural products for your patients. We know how important it is that your patients’ teeth
look real, even if they are replacements. DG Dental Lab is prepared to utilize our talented team of designers, stateof-the-art technology and meticulous attention to detail to give our patients the smile they deserve.
Maintaining overhead and keeping costs down is part of any business, whether it’s a medical practice or a factory.
DG Dental Lab knows this, and we’re prepared to offer the services of top dental labs at a price that won’t eat up
the expenses at your practice. We offer a variety of deals for monthly customers and even offer complimentary
imaging equipment on select packages. DG Dental Lab offers 24-hour turnaround times on many of our products
and a maximum of three days for all of our products. In addition to our own brand of quality implants, crowns,
veneers and dentures, DG Dental Lab works with some of the leading and most respected names in the business.
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