Diagnosis of the cause of pain in the lower back area (1)

Obtaining an accurate diagnosis of the cause of pain in the lower back area is often more challenging
than many people believe. In general, involves a combination of a thorough medical history of the
patient and a physical examination, in addition to the diagnostic tests. The history and physical
examination are used to help determine whether a patient's lower back pain is more likely to be caused
by a problem with a soft tissue (muscle, ligament, or tendon) that is likely to heal on its own, or for a
more serious underlying medical condition, such as a fracture, infection, or tumor. There is a number of
Lower Back Pain Doctor Specialist in every city.
When the Lower Back Pain Specialist Near Me asks for a diagnostic test such as an x-ray or MRI, you will
usually have a strong suspicion of the probable cause of the patient's low back pain. The diagnostic test
is used to confirm and provide more details about it. See also getting an accurate diagnosis for back pain
it is important to note that patients with the following symptoms may have a serious medical condition
and should be evaluated immediately:
Fever and chills
If you face these symptoms on regular basis then go for Lower Back Pain Treatment on time.
Severe trauma
 Significant weakness in the legs
 Sudden urinary and / or bowel incontinence, whether it is a difficulty urinating or moving the
bowel, or a loss of control over bowel movement or urination
 Back pain and continuous and severe abdominal pain
Diagnosis of the cause of pain in the lower back area
However, it is rare for conditions related to back pain to be serious. For most people, a thorough
diagnosis by Lower Back Pain Treatment Doctor will result in one of the following three types of pain:
 Axal low back pain
 Referred pain
 Root pain
If you go for pain Treatment Nyc, doctor will examine your back and assess your ability to sit, stand,
walk and lift your legs. The doctor can also ask you to value the pain on a scale of zero to ten and talk to
you about how you deal with pain.
These assessments help determine where the pain comes from, how much you can move before the
pain forces you to stop and if you have muscle spasms. Pain Treatment New York also help rule out
more serious causes of back pain.
If there is a reason to suspect that a specific disease may be causing back pain, the doctor may ask you
for one or more of the following tests:
X-rays images show the alignment of your bones and if you have arthritis or broken bones.
These images alone do not show problems with the spinal cord, muscles, and nerves but also
help in Lower Back Pain Diagnosis.
Magnetic resonance imaging or computed tomography: These scans can produce images that
reveal herniated discs or problems with bones, muscles, tissues, tendons, nerves, ligaments, and
blood vessels.