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Long exposure to creosote may have adverse impact health. When you use your fireplace and the
chimney has a great amount of this substance inside, you and the people around can experience skin and
eye irritation. People with more sensitive skin may experience redness and possibly blistering and
peeling. Even though such health problems can occur fairly rarely given the fact that people in the
household are not in direct contact with creosote, you must never leave things to chance. When you
maintain and clean the chimney properly, you will never have to worry about this sort of risk.
More serious health issues can occur in case the chimney gets blocked as a result of improper care or an
accident. In case of blockage, the fumes from the combustion process cannot be released and build up
inside the flue. The fumes are drawn inside the closed room and can be quite dangerous to people.
Carbon monoxide is undoubtedly the most hazardous among the different gases which are released
inside the house in case of chimney blockage. It causes a variety of symptoms including headache,
dizziness, blurred vision, nausea, shortness of breath and confusion. Carbon monoxide poisoning
constitutes serious health emergency and medical assistance must be sought right away.
When the chimney is perfectly cleaned and maintained in good structural condition, the risk of fumes
getting into the room and causing poisoning is immensely reduced. It makes sense to take every effort
for achieving safety. By taking all required measures to protect your family, you will have complete peace
of mind that everyone will have fun around the fireplace safely.
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