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The major problem with creosote is that it is highly inflammable. Its accumulation on the flue walls increases
the risk of house fire considerable. In fact, thousands of house fires are caused by creosote build-ups in
chimneys every year. Fire is one of the most serious perils which can affect a home. It poses extreme
danger to people and property. Another problem with fire starting due to the combustion of creosote is
that this substance is toxic and can cause serious irritation to the skin and eyes and possibly mental
It is more cost-efficient to hire a professional HVAC technician for the cleaning and maintenance of the air
vents and shafts than to go for DIY care or have a non-professional do it. In fact, you will generate savings
on a range of costs. As explained earlier, the specialist service will help you to save on both utilities, repair
and replacement. These savings can be considerable for any household and especially for a business which
uses a large and complex system for heating, ventilation and air conditioning.
The Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends cleaning up fire places if there is a soot buildup of
0.125 inches thickness inside the flue system and the chimney. Also, if one can see any glaze inside the
flue, it should be immediately cleaned even if it’s thickness is less than 0.125 inches. In simple words,
chimney cleaning should be done whenever there is enough accumulation of creosote and soot that can
lead to a chimney fire. Also, the furnace flue systems need to be cleaned on a regular basis.
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