Improve The Beauty of Your Home With Designer Ceilings

Improve The Beauty of Your Home With Designer Ceilings
We all like to decorate our house to make it look as good as possible and false ceiling are one of the best
options to do it. Ceiling is the first thing that everyone notices and no matter how good the whole room is if the
ceiling is not proper than it might just take all the fun out of it. False ceiling is one of the better options when it
comes to decorating your houses ceiling. False ceiling is also being very widely used in offices and other public
space for all the features that they provide. Ceiling of a house or for that matter of an office covers the largest
area of a house. Because of this characteristic false ceiling play a very important part in deciding the acoustic
and also the thermal comfort of the room. We are the industry leaders when it comes to false ceiling and
provide our clients with many options to choose.
Some of our different kinds of ceilings are:
Gypsum and Plastering Leeds
Acoustic False ceiling
Glass partitions Leeds
Grid ceiling which is made using gypsum, metal and mineral fibre
Gypsum and Plaster False Ceiling
In this kind, the panels are made up of good and high quality materials. These kind of suspended ceilings
Leeds are monolithic suspended type which allows the customers to have a very beautiful and elegant look to
their rooms. The finishing of this kind of ceiling is very smooth, and any color or wallpaper can be applied on it.
Joints of the ceiling are not visible, and any shape such as curves or steps can be easily made on it.
Acoustic False Ceiling
We are one of the leading developers of the sound proof suspended ceilings, Dry lining Leeds and wall
absorbers systems. Our range of tiles gives an excellent acoustic performance for both walls as well ceilings.
Our tiles give out very good noise control efficiency. In normal terms, this comes out to be about 90% to 100%
and can be the perfect choice if you like things quite. Our fittings are available in the variety of options for
visible joint fittings as well as for concealed fittings.
Ceiling tile false ceiling
This kind of grid ceiling fitting is very light in weight and available for concealed as well as exposed grip
option. This kind of ceiling is very sound absorbent and has noise reduction quality. Ceiling false ceiling tiles
are available in all the common sizes, and most widely used ones are two into 2 foot and two into 4 foot.
Depending upon the requirement and the size of the room Plastering Leeds can be cut into the different size of
decorating purpose. Pre-finished ceiling tiles were available in different options such as patterned, smooth,
textured or perforated effects. If you want to choose a best service provider for your ceilings needs then you
can do some more research online and get the services of a professional.