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Our products are manufactured in the United States by our capable and experienced design professionals and
technicians. DG Dental Lab fundamental goal is to provide dentists with quality, customized dental restoration
products for their patients so they can be comfortable with their smile and improve their oral health.
Whether your patients are looking for Anterior BruxZir crown and 3 unit bridge products or something else, DG
Dental Lab offers the customization and expertise they need restore their dental health. We understand how
important it is that patients not only implants that feel strong and secure, but also that they look natural and
authentic. Thanks to the advanced shading system of BruxZir products and the expertise of our staff, your patients’
dental implants will look remarkably similar to their natural dentition.
DG Dental Lab offers expertly customized milling of temporary crowns and other types of dental products. There’s
simply no reason why you should have to spend your time milling your patients’ dental prosthetics when you have
so many other patients to take care of. Our experienced and qualified professionals will make sure milling of the
temporary unit fits your patient’s natural dentition so getting their final piece will be easy and comfortable.
DG Dental Lab is proud to offer a full range of digital dental products and services to dentists. In addition to
providing customized permanent and temporary mill work, DG Dental Lab offers a suite of crowns, inlays,
dentures, bridge units, retainers, mouthguards and much more. Utilizing the latest technology and practices, DG
Dental Lab is proud to help our customers provide their patients with the highest level of care.
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