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Gold Buyers Near Me
New York, NY 10036
Mon - Fri 10am-5pm
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Over the past few years gold has soared in prices to record breaking highs. With tough economic times
many people are turning to a metal that has been around for thousands of years and recognized as a
currency since the dawn of time. That is GOLD and other precious metals. If you are selling any old gold
jewelry that is broken, damaged or even tangled and mangled you are 100% going to make a profit.
The steps on how to sell your gold is very simple, gather all the gold you want to sell us, and also any
other jewelry such as diamonds and luxury watches. You can click to email or give us a call to set up an
appointment in our Midtown Manhattan office located near all NYC’s subways and buses or request a free
kit, that the shipping and insurance is fully covered by us, all you do is drop it in and get paid by check or
direct deposit.
It really is that simple to sell gold for the highest price without getting ripped off by many cash for gold
companies that pay pennies on the dollar, we pay big bucks for all gold, and that is a proven fact. You
can check our reputation online that we are proud of as well.
You will be paid based off the London P.M. Gold fix price, that will make sure you are paid the most
current and accurate price of gold. Selling gold in NYC or online has never been easier. Diamond District
Buyers pays the most accurate price for gold guaranteed, you can accept or reject our offer and we still
pay the shipping, but we are confident you will love the price we buy gold for so much you will accept.
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