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DD Buyers
New York, NY 10036
Mon - Fri 10am-5pm
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DD Buyers pays the most cash for your gold guaranteed. You can walk in to our office and walk out with
cash, or you can take advantage of our mail gold online kit where if you don’t live in NYC we cover
shipping, insurance and send you a wire transfer or direct check.We also are the HIGHEST PAYING
ONLINE GOLD BUYER on the internet beating out cash for gold companies left and right. We buy all kinds
of gold ranging from gold bracelets, chains, anklets, necklaces, brooches, bullion’s, coins and more. If it
has any gold in it we will buy it from you and give you the highest cash payout for your gold
guaranteed.We have over 20 years in buying diamonds in the Diamond District. DD Buyers will pay you
the most for your diamonds guaranteed, we are certified gemologists and have been buying and selling
diamonds for over 20 years. When selling a diamond the customer must take into account the 4 C’s
these are the categories that makes up the value, they are cut, color, clarity and carat weight.If you are
in need of a pawn loan and not looking to sell your gold or other valuable jewelry like a Rolex watch,
coin, diamond engagement ring, then you can inquire about our pawn loan services in the NYC area. We
have the lowest rates for pawn shops in the area. Our office is safe, secure, protected and insured.