Dental Crowns Lab Woodbridge

Dental Crowns Lab Woodbridge
Woodbridge, NJ 07095
(732) 527-4010
Mon-Fri - 9 am - 6 pm
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DG Dental Lab has a long and established history of helping patients with serious dental issues regain their smile,
their health and their self-confidence. Whether they suffered an accident or are looking to reverse years of
neglect, we have the products you need to give your patients the full and healthy smile they’re looking for. We
understand that things happen in life that compromise dental health, and believe that every patient has the right
to optimal wellness. Regardless if your patients need a full set of crowns, full-scale denture design, zirconia
veneers or anything else, we are ready to step in and offer next-level design and customization. Your patients can
have the benefit of full mouth reconstruction with our assistance so they can improve their quality of life.
Our dental lab combines state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure with the most personalized service and
attention. Each patient’s restorative dental products are customized to fit their specific dentition. Our technicians
work hard to ensure the shading and milling are correct so your implants and restoratives fit comfortably in their
mouths. We recognize that patients who need full mouth reconstruction are seeking a life-changing procedure that
has the power to drastically improve their lives, and we take that responsibility very seriously. DG Dental Lab
provides the quickest turnaround times for dental implants in the industry, and routinely offers 24 hour service on
any dental product. Your patients deserve quality dental treatment sooner rather than later, and we’re here to
help you give it to them.
DG Dental Lab has a vested interest in helping dentists grow their practice and give their patients the quality care
they deserve. Hundreds of dental patients all over the city have achieved full mouth reconstruction with our
assistance. DG Dental Lab also offers the latest and most advanced digital scanning and imaging technology. We
reward customer loyalty by giving our eligible clients free scanners and other imaging equipment. DG Dental Lab is
ready to help you grow your practice and become a part of the future of dentistry.
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