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The path to a better smile and better overall dental health often begins with quality temporary mill work. Whether
your patients are getting a few replacement crowns or a whole new set of dentures, it’s important that they start
the process off with accurate and precise milling so their restorative unit will fit correctly. DG Dental Lab offers
expertly customized milling of temporary crowns and other types of dental products. There’s simply no reason why
you should have to spend your time milling your patients’ dental prosthetics when you have so many other
patients to take care of. Our experienced and qualified professionals will make sure milling of the temporary unit
fits your patient’s natural dentition so getting their final piece will be easy and comfortable.
The old phrase “first impressions are the most important” rings particularly true when it comes to cosmetic and
restorative dentistry. Quality temporary mill services pave the way for a comfortable, natural looking and vibrant
smile. This is not a procedure that you want to leave to inexperienced technicians. DG Dental Lab as a long and
established history of helping dentists repair their patients’ smiles and improve their oral health and quality of life.
Each temporary milling is customized to fit the shape of each patient’s mouth so their temporary crown or filling
slides in and comes out with ease. DG Dental Lab offers the latest technology and milling machines to make the
process as easy and streamlined as possible.
You have enough to worry about with growing your practice and making sure your patients are taken care of. DG
Dental Lab is ready to help guide your practice toward next-level modernization through our state-of-the-art
products and practices. We offer 24 hour service on our dental products and honor our customers' loyalty by
providing them regular deals on the most state-of-the-art scanning and imaging technology. Give your patients the
best care possible while enjoying the most generous deals in the industry.
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