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All of products DG Dental Lab are made in the USA by our talented team of designers, artists, and
engineers. At DG Dental Lab, our goal is to be your silent partner in growing your business and giving
your patients the best possible care.
DG Dental Lab is an established and reputable dental lab with the ability to customize our products so
they look and feel perfectly natural for your patients. We work with all impressions and offer a three-day
turnaround on our products. Your patients deserve the absolute best you can offer them. Whether they
need a single crown or multiple units, we offer the highest-quality pieces and the fastest delivery. Get the
specialized and professional help you need today from DG Dental Lab.
You’ve gone to dental school, established your practice and continue to grow your patient community.
Now that your practice is thriving, the last thing you should have to worry about is giving your patients
sub-par implants or restoratives. Our screw-retained zirconia implants offer the strength, peace of mind
and adaptability that every patient needs to look and feel confident. We understand that each patient’s
mouth is different and we’re able to adapt to all colors and shapes. DG Dental Lab works with some of
the of world’s top manufacturers, and we’re ready to put our experience and connections to work for you.
We also offer a full range of imaging equipment to give your patients the best picture of their overall
dental health.
Dental Lab, DG Dental Lab routinely offers deal packages for our regular customers in an effort to help
you keep costs down. In addition to our screw-retained zirconia implants, we also manufacture retainers,
bridge units and other kinds of crowns and fillings. Our goal is to help you leverage the latest technology
to give your patients the best possible dental care. We are the all-inclusive dental supply resource for
dentists operating.
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