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At DG Dental Lab, we understand how important it is that our products be custom-tailored to fit the look
and feel of your patients' mouths, whether you’re searching for custom-milled cementable zirconia
implant options, veneers or anything else, we have the best options for you. Behind each one of our
products, there’s a team of specialized engineers, artists, designers and others making sure patients’
implants fit the look and feel of their mouths. We have spent years utilizing the latest technology and
methods to design and build superior products that will restore your patients’ dental health. We offer a
three-day turnaround on our products, so your patients never have to wait an exorbitant amount of time
for their implants.
Many labs in all over the country will claim to manufacture quality cementable zirconia implants milled
just for your patients. The reality is, however, the quality is not a guarantee. Your patients need
prosthetic dental units that have every bit the strength, adaptability and natural look of their original
teeth, and that’s exactly what we’re prepared to offer. These implants are going to be permanent fixtures
in your patients’ mouths so it’s important that they have the quality and longevity required for everyday
use. It’s also important that they go in easily and rest comfortably in the mouth. DG Dental Lab offers the
next-level quality your patients need to look and feel comfortable with their new implants.
DG Dental Lab would like you to consider us your ally in growing and maintaining your dental practice.
We offer the quickest turnaround times, highest-quality products and regular deals to help keep our
clients’ costs down. Offering the latest and most cutting-edge scanning and imaging equipment, we have
everything you need to run your office and give your patients the highest level of care. Our products are
made from the strongest and most durable materials.
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