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The United States offers many opportunities. Immigration has always played a vital role in the development of the
U.S. culture and economy. For that reason, the government provides many avenues by which foreigners can work
and reside in America and become citizens. If you are trying to gain U.S. citizenship, understanding immigration
law is vital to your success.
Immigration law has many facets. To get the best legal representation, it is crucial to find a lawyer with experience
in the specific area of immigration law you require. For example, if you are seeking a certain type of employmentbased visa, finding a lawyer experienced with that specific type of visa increases your chances of success. If facing
deportation, finding a lawyer skilled in deportation defense who can represent you at all immigration hearings can
make the difference between deportation and a stay of deportation and eventual granting of resident status.
Deportation Defense: In no other immigration law issue is a tenacious litigator more important. An order of
removal is no reason to believe that deportation is imminent. An immigration lawyer can raise many defenses,
including cancellation of removal orders based on hardship to family members or political asylum.
Immigration law provides many avenues to residency and citizenship. With a knowledgeable advocate at your side,
you immigration application can be granted with minimum stress and worry.
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