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For many people, thinking about long-term care is a topic that is often put off as long as possible. However, in
doing so, they are setting themselves up for potential legal and financial problems that could hinder their ability to
receive the care they or a loved one need and deserve. Because of this, it’s crucial to begin long-term care planning
as early as possible, before it is needed. But to do so properly, it’s best to work with an experienced and
knowledgeable Medicaid planning lawyer. By choosing to do so, you and your family members will receive the
guidance needed to make informed decisions on this complex issue.
Entering hospice care is often an overwhelming process for caregivers and patients alike. At Morgan Legal Group,
we understand that both patients and loved ones are under enormous amounts of pressure, and in situations like
this it is imperative that you receive the highest possible quality of legal advice. We’ve been recognized by peers
and clients alike for our exceptional service in hospice care related services in the greater New York City area.
We’re an NYC-based law practice offering services to patients in Manhattan. If you’re in the process of traveling to
hospice care, or if you believe that you may be soon, we offer discreet personal service to assist you with wills and
other legal preparations. We can provide on-call lawyers to help you 24 hours a day, and our legal counseling for
estate planning can help give you peace of mind. Call us today -- we’ll come to you.
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