Prices and printing techniques for T shirt printing

Prices and printing techniques for T shirt
The t shirt is a standard for textile communication. It is suitable for
almost all the events and doing all ages. Through various suitable
printing techniques for Wholesale sticker printing t- shirt, the
customization is limitless. According to the technique, the budget is
You can always find a Custom t-shirts wholesale for cheap. However,
to get a good value, do not hesitate to compare quotes. The price of
a Bulk custom t-shirts depends on the desired requirements and
several parameters. It is calculated based on:
 the size of the print area:
Small, medium or large, front
and / or back,
 the printing process chosen:
printing, full color, flocking or
flexography, flex print, digital
sublimation transfer or textile
 Model: its material (cotton, nylon, technical clothing, polyester
etc.), size (XS to 5XL), weight and colour,
 the number of colours to be printed (including screen printing)
 customization options and finishes: with or without sleeves,
short or long sleeved, unisex, men and women, V-neck or
round neck, colour effect (gradients, glitter ...)
 the quantity to print more than the number, the higher the
costs down,
 Additional services if there is support and intervention service
in creating the print image.
 The shipping method used for Custom t-shirts wholesale.
What printing technique preferred for a personalized t shirt?
To create a promotional t shirt or a class shirt with a photo, a text,
slogan or symbols there are several marking techniques for
Wholesale t-shirt printing. Each responds to specific requirements.
To print a simple logo without any particular effect, the four-color is
enough. If you want a more lasting impression with a plastic effect or
velvet, flexography or flocking appropriate. For more elaborate
patterns, with many intense colour and detail, screen printing is
The Wholesale screen printing help
in printing a photo or a fine pattern
on a t-shirt is usually done by digital
transfer (sublimation) to ensure the
return in high definition colour.
For example, for a custom t shirt on
one side and white colours 100
copies, cost-colour averages 3.20 $.
Flexography, it starts at around $ 1.45
per units. In screen printing, on the
same basis, the average unit price is 5
$. Screen printing is useful to print t-shirts in large quantities (from
50 pieces), it is too expensive for very small series. For digital printing
(digital transfer) the average cost is 3 $. Printing or customization of
shirts or t- shirts could be done when you buy the Plain t-shirts
wholesale which is available at reasonable rates.
You can use personalised shirt in many occasions. It can be used for
any event, promotional event, company or class. This is an excellent
promotional support for the company at trade shows, seminars, an
inauguration, open days. The tee shirt is also suitable for internal
events within the company (sports meeting, incentives, team
building). In this context it reinforces the sense of belonging. This
develops an equality feeling among everyone. So, choosing the right
company is very important.