Steps On How To Rotate The Screen Of-converted

 Did it ever happen to you, that while you are using
your laptop, you accidentally pressed on some keys
combo and then what you see next is that the screen
has rotated on the side? Well, we all have been there,
and surely know how it feels when something like this
hinders your work-flow, especially when you are doing
something important. Such an accident can put you in
a desolate and irksome mood. However, it is a good
thing that it is so facile to fix this issue, as it is not
much of a brainer. However, if you do need to know
the process to correct and restore your screen to the
former state, then you can follow the steps mentioned
below which are provided by the experts at Acer
Customer Support.
 Steps to perform in order to restore the screen of your
laptop to the standard form:
 If you are a windows 7 user, then you are able and it is
really facile to rotate the display of your screen to 90
degrees, 180 degrees or 270 degrees, depending on
your need and preference. All you are supposed to do
is press on Ctrl + alt key followed by choosing the
arrow key and set it in the direction and style you want
your display to be.
 You can also do it with the help of the control
 • Navigate towards the Control Panel utility by clicking
on start menu.
 • Now choose the Display option from among others.
 •Select screen resolution from the options.
 •Now, several options will emerge on the new window,
when you see Screen orientation option, click on the
down arrow given in the bar. Once you click on it other
option will appear to change the display.
 • You can choose portrait or landscape from the
options to set your display to proper style.
 You can also contact Acer Tech Support for further
help in this process or if you have additional issue as
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