What To Do When Display Not Showing Full Screen On Acer Laptop?

What To Do When Display Not Showing
Full Screen On Acer Laptop?
If the display on the desktop does not fit the full screen, then you need to change
the resolution in a correct way. Doing this is a very simple task and can be
performed within a minute. However, you can adjust the size to be larger or
smaller according to your comfort. Follow the given steps to do this.
Option1. To adjust the screen size, follow the given steps:
1. Right-click the empty space of the desktop and select Properties from the
2. Display properties window will open on the new window. Navigate to
Settings tab now.
3. Thereafter, adjust the meter or slide bar to change the resolution. Moving it
toward left direction will show the screen as small and mobbing towards
right direction will make the screen to appear big.
4. Once you are done, click the Apply button to save the settings.
Option2. Follow the given steps to change the resolution in Windows XP.
1. Turn on your Acer laptop and after login as administrator click Properties
2. Go to the Settings tab and then adjust the slider under Screen resolution to
change the resolution of the display.
Option3: Changing resolution in Windows Vista
1. Power on the Acer laptop and make a right-click on the desktop to open a
list of options.
2. Select Personalize from the list and click Display Settings.
3. Now, adjust the slider available on the window to change the screen size.
The same process applies in Windows 7. The method is very easy to understand
and perform. If the problem persists the same or you want to ask another
question, contact us at Acer support number 1-800-875-256 and get the reliable
and appropriate solution. The best part is this that not only our technicians are
experienced but also you get to know more about the master’s solution, which
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