How to choose a tourmaline stone

How to choose a tourmaline stone
Tourmalines are magnificent semiprecious stones that come in a wide variety of colors.
Valued for their multicolored beauty, the use of tourmalines as crystals for healing
purposes is used from the ancient Egyptians. Read on to learn more about this fascinating
gem and how to choose the right natural pink tourmaline stone for you.
Choose a color tourmaline:
Tourmalines come in a wide variety of colors. The black natural smoky quartz one is
the one that has been found the most, but they are also available in shades of blue, red,
green, yellow and violet. There is even a variety of tourmaline called "watermelon"
which is the green with its center in pink. This variety is particularly beautiful for
Ask before buying:
Natural rainbow moonstone can have undergone a number of process before leaving
the jewelry store. Some are altered by means of radiation to improve their color. This
process is very difficult to detect and has no impact on the value of the stone. However,
be sure to ask your jeweler if your stone has been improved to look better. Improved
tourmalines have a lower market value than a natural one.
Choose the tourmaline for your health:
The black one, also known as plover, is not only beautiful, but it was also believed for a
long time that it protected against high radiation and strengthened the nervous system.
The chorlo is also linked to this belief, and is believed to have a positive effect on the
root chakra. To receive the benefits of black tourmaline, use a plover on the body as a
piece of jewelry or place one on the part of the body you want to benefit. Unload the
stone under the jet of water and recharge it under sunlight for a few hours.
Let your body benefit from the healing powers of the magnificent pink topaz. This stone,
also known as verdilite, is said to strengthen the immune and nervous systems, as well as
the heart muscles, and stimulate digestion. In the same way that it is believed to have
healing powers on the heart, it has been related to the heart chakra. It is discharged like
the black tourmaline, under the water jet and recharges in sunlight.
Use the rainbow moonstone to combat water retention. This variety, also known as
indicolite, is said to help detoxify the body, strengthen the immune system and protect the
throat and against bronchial infections. Consequently, it has been related to the throat
chakra. It has also been identified as a positive healing gem for Libra. Like the green and
black tourmaline, blue is discharged under the jet of water and charged under sunlight.
When we talk about ruby gemstone, more than a specific mineral, it is more appropriate
to say, that in reality it is a group of minerals that share a very similar chemical
That chemical structure in common belongs to the group of boron silicates, where their
concentration varies from one mineral to another.