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PFM Crowns
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There are hundreds of dentists who specialize in crowns and bridges all over New York City and the five
boroughs. It’s very important to find the right place and that can be difficult. Consider many things about
the procedure, the risks, the costs, and finding the right place when going on Google. When dentists
work with the best dental lab in New York City, Atlantic Dental Smile, you are certain to get the best
quality. In the end, all you want is a perfect smile.
At Atlantic Dental Smile, as a quality & service focused crown and bridge dental lab, we use only proven
dental technology and high quality materials to create superior dental crown & bridge restorations which
keeps our doctors and their patients smiling. Your satisfied patients are the backbone of your growing
An ideal alternative to cast or machined semi-precious or non-precious crown and bridge frameworks;
fixed price per unit and made from traceable CE marked material. LaserPFM frameworks are made by 3D
printing, an advanced laser melting process which builds the framework layer by layer.
Renishaw's LaserPFM frameworks are 3D printed on our own additive manufacturing machine - the
Renishaw AM250. In the case of LaserAbutments, the detailed implant interfaces are then machined on a
high precision milling machine, preserving the accuracy and passivity of fit.
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