Fix SCANNER COVER OPEN issue in Brother Printers

Printers are here to help the users in printing documents for completing the task. Printer device listens to the
command from computer and provides the documents according to need. But sometimes, customers encounter
small issues with the printing device such as “Scanner cover is open” and many others.
In this given blog, customers are learning the steps for fixing their scanning related problem. Users just need to
follow the steps for further help. If they did not find any solution then they should take technical help from the
 If the user gets the problem of open scanner roof then first lift the scanner cover with the use of fingers.
Put fingers on both left and right side corners of printer
 Now with holding the device from both sides, users have to smartly close the scanner so that the process
of printing can start again
o Now user can see that the message is removed from the screen with “Please Close the Scanner
Cover” with this step
o If the message is still displaying, user have to go with the next step
 Now again Lift the cover of scanner with the help of two fingers pressing on the both sides of device
 The user has to make sure that the connections are fitted properly or not. Check USB, Network cable and
phone lines are properly connected for the right process
 Make sure that these points are placed properly on the right slot at the right side of machine
 Now user has to close the scanner roof with the help of their fingers
o If the “Cover is open please Close the scanner cover” message clear from the screen then the
problem got solved
o But if still the problem is not solved, user has to go with the next steps which surely works
 Customer has to unplug the AC power cord from the power outlet for some time and then again plug it
into the device
And now the team is sure that the problem got resolved with the mentioned steps. Cover is Open is not a big
issue which encountered by customer but if the problem is not solved by applying many options, customer needs
assistance. Experts are always ready to help the customer in their issue related to open cover in printing device.
Get technical help form the team and remove the glitch from the device. If you have any issue contact at Brother
Printer Support 1-800-764-852 for instant response and assistance.