What You Should Know About Back Pain

What You Should Know About Back Pain
The spine is the most important part of your body since it holds the spine upright. The
spine also gives you the flexibility you need to move around, bend and twist and do
numerous actions. Give that your spine does all these work, it is a source for pain for
most people. Most people visit the neck pain doctor NYC or the shoulder pain doctor
NYC regularly.
When the back pain goes on for more than three months, then it becomes chronic back
pain. Not only will it cost you a lot on medical bills, but it will also disrupt your normal
life and leave you feeling frustrated. If you or any member of your family is suffering
from back pain, then it is necessary that you know more about it. Here are a few things
that you need to know to help manage your back pain.
Do some gentle stretches before bedtime
They may not seem like much, but those little stretches before bedtime can go along way.
If you normally find it hard to straighten your up in the morning, you should consider
doing some back stretches before you retire to bed. You can try lying on your back and
place your knees on your chest. You can also sit on your and pull your knees towards
your chest. In case the stiffness does not go away, you need to see a pain doctor NYC.
The specialist will prescribe medications or treatments that will alleviate the pain.
There are other reasons causing the back pain problem
Disc herniation is not the only cause of the back pain. Other causes are ligament strain,
arthritis, or even cancer. The back pain doctor Manhattan will be in a better position to
identify the cause of the pain after conducting a physical exam. The back pain doctor
NYC will also go through your medical records and family history to identify the cause
of the back problem.
Do not go with surgery as your first option
You should not rush to do the surgery. Not only does it involve advanced procedures but
may not relieve all of your back pain problems. Most of the back pain will go away after
some time using non surgical treatment methods. You should consider back pain as the
last option or when advised by a knee pain doctor NYC.
Improving overall health also improves back pain
The chronic back pain is just like any other condition and it will improve when you pay
attention to your overall health. You can decrease the pain when you quit smoking,
reduce stress, have enough sleep and maintain good body mechanics. Following a proper
diet is also important in relieving back pain. A back pain doctor NYC will advise you
on the lifestyle changes that you should follow to alleviate your back pain.
Back pain is a common problem in many people. It may go away after a while but only
when you make changes to your lifestyle. Taking the proper medications you are given
by a back pain doctor in NYC will relieve the pain.