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Eye Doctor Ophthalmologist
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A cataract is a cloudy film over the lens of your eye that adversely affects your vision.
Cataracts are typically a result of aging, and they’re more common in the elderly. According to the
National Eye Institute, by the age of 80, more than half of all Americans have cataracts or have been
treated surgically for cataracts.
The term “dry eyes” is more than a turn of phrase that means you’re not crying. Dry eyes actually is
the name of an extremely uncomfortable medical condition. Without the proper amount of
moisture in your eyes, a variety of problems and symptoms can arise. There are numerous causes for
this condition and several methods to manage and treat it.
Glaucoma is actually a term that covers a group of diseases that lead to loss of vision, typically
through subtle changes in your eye pressure over time. The pressure is changed by a buildup of
fluids in the front part of your eye. Glaucoma occurs when the balance of fluids entering and leaving
your eye is disrupted, and the flow of fluids out of the eye doesn’t happen the way it should.
Eyelashes are not just a cosmetic feature on your face. They play an important role in the health of
your eye. The improper application and use of cosmetics can cause eyelash problems — as a matter
of fact, it’s one of the most common means of infection. But other, serious conditions also can lead
to infected eyelashes.
Keratoconus is a disorder that occurs when the front part of your eye, round and smooth when
healthy, becomes thin and abnormal, taking on more of a conical shape. Since the round shape of
your eye is meant to help focus light, keratoconus forces the light to be angled improperly through
the cornea and onto the retina.
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