CryoAU - Why Do Fighters Use Ice Baths – The Science Behind Cold Therapy

Why Do Fighters Use Ice Baths – The Science Behind Cold Therapy
Ice baths have become a common feature in the recovery routines of various high-performance athletes
nowadays. MMA fighters and pro wrestlers also have included it in their recovery regimes after every fight. The
reason behind this is the claim that ice baths can accelerate the recovery process and get the body healed
quickly. Ice packs have been known to curb swelling and reduce inflammation but can ice baths help a person
heal themselves? While there is evidence to suggest that it can, there still remains the question of how. Is there
any scientific explanation available for this? Let’s find out. Fat freezing sydney
How Cold Therapy Works
Ice baths are a form of cold therapy. They work by reducing the temperature of the body. The subject is
immersed up to the neck into cold, icy water. As the body temperature plummets, it starts pulling blood from
the extremities and supplying it to the core of the body to maintain its temperature. This process is known as
vasoconstriction. During this process, the body goes into overdrive and starts enriching the blood with extra
oxygen and nutrients. Also, the body releases endorphins and activates its healing processes. All this takes a
short amount of time until the subject remains in the ice bath. Once they are out, the body goes through a
process called vasodilation. In this process, the highly oxygenated blood is sent back to the body’s extremities.
This extremely nutritious blood reenergizes the body and also repairs any damage anywhere in the muscles or
What Benefits Can Ice Baths Offer
For the fighters and athletes, the obvious benefit that ice baths have to offer is quick healing of injuries and
speedy recovery after a fight or workout. Not only can cold therapy reduce the time needed for a person to
recover from small muscle tears and minor tissue damage but can also relieve pain. The endorphins that are
released by the body during the vasoconstriction phase are natural painkillers. They alleviate any pain you
might be feeling anywhere in the body. Also, as the blood is drained from the limbs when the person is inside
the ice bath, any swelling or pain they have in their hands or feet gets diminished. The nerve endings present in
them go numb and the person stops feeling any kind of pain.
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