of Sex for any
Hello, I am Dr. Vinod Raina Sexologist.
Here, I am going to explain the benefit of sex
for any couple life.
According to the research by scientists and doctors, there
are many advantages of sex in any couple's life. According
to the research by scientists and doctors, there are many
advantages of sex in any couple's life.
Live-in couple together also helps in keeping one another's
beauty and health aside from giving sexual pleasure to each
other. When someone has sex, a hormone called estrogen
is released from their body, which prevents any couple from
a disease called osteoporosis. Due to this reason, our skin
becomes beautiful, smooth and shiny too. Estrogen is a
boon of a human body, which makes everyone feel a
supernatural pleasure. A successful partner is often seen to
be healthier and happier.
Mental Stress WorksIt helps us to avoid stress and feel relaxed the mind.
Whenever doing sex our body release chemical also knows
as pheromones and causing our body to aromatic. It is also
known as sex performance. It helps us to keep our body
away from serious diseases like mental stress, hypertension,
heart attack and heart disease, etc.
Sex is also an exerciseOne-time sex in a day is more effective than 10-20 rounds
of swimming and some exhausting daily exercises.
According to sexologists, sex is the most effective way to
remove fatness of the body. At one time sex our body burns
around 500-1000 calories and kisses taken during the sex
also help to remove obesity our body. A full kissing taken
390 times, reduce the half kilo weight of our body.
The perfect medicine of pain is sexual
intercourseYes! Sex is one of the best successful treatments of headaches, nerves,
migraines, and hysteria. If anyone has insomnia, then enjoy betting to
change the bedding or stroll through the balcony, then you will not
take too much time to get the snoring sleep. Don't be limited sexual
intercourse to sexual intercourse only. Include fun, laughter, daily
routine, hug, touch, kiss, etc. Never get embarrassed during sex, just
enjoy loving things, sexual intercourse through various kisses and
orgasm, etc. on various parts of the body. According to Dr. Vinod
Raina advice, long-term sexual intercourse gives our body the most
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