Do You Know The Benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Do You Know The Benefits of Alternative
Dispute Resolution?
Any person having some knowledge of legal system understands that going to court for trial is
expensive, risky and time consuming. This risk mainly applies to both the parties engaged in the
legal dispute. Therefore, if talking about Alternative Dispute Resolution then it is best and it is
popularly known as ADR. It has become leading and most effective method to resolve the
grievances prior to moving for trial. ADR specifically takes two forms such as arbitration and
Arbitration hearing
During the arbitration or Online Dispute Resolution hearing both side present their specific
scenario of the case, often in the short hand form to the independent officer, or the arbitrator, that
will render the decision. Similar to trial there will also be a winner party and a loser party. If it is
"non-binding" arbitration then either party can pick to reject the decision and continue towards
trial in the court. In case of "binding" arbitration, both sides will accept the final decision of
Mediation hearing
hearing, dispute
advisor of
Arbitration entails appearance of
both parties before mediator or the
hearing officer who will resolve the
case. Both parties will give with
their justifications about the case
and after hearing the mediator will
try to convince both parties for settlement and might also provide counter offers and conveying
offers. Moreover, mediator will counsel each side about weaknesses and strengths of their
specific case and suitability of different offers & counter offers according to the actual facts of
case. However, this method of ADR is known to be incredibly effective to resolve personal
cases. This method saves from wastage of time and money in the legal dispute and offers a clear
and commanding result. This method is considered to be more appealing solution as it saves
money, time and protects your form any substantial risk involved while going through the trial.
Does Mediation hearing stands good for all situations?
Mediation hearing is clearly not always suitable in different cases. Generally the parties involved
are quite far apart with regard to facts, issues, as well as amount in the dispute to make the
process of mediation a valuable undertaking for specific case. This method of ADR is worth
attempting during the injury attorney. This is always worth to give try for getting the case
resolved, in less money and time and moreover with less stress involved. If the settlement is not
agreed by any of the party, one usually learns other valuable information about facts as well as
contentions. It is suggested for the victim of personal injury victim about discussing the
alternative dispute resolution with respective Arbitration Lawyer to check if this is an effective
method in resolving the specific case. If you want to get success in your hearing then it is
suggested you to choose the services of best lawyer and for this you can get suggestions from
your friends or family. If they are not able to guide you then you can search online.