Different Types of Dental Treatments

What is Restorative Dentistry
Restorative dentistry involves the diagnosis,
prevention and treatment of oral diseases. Your
dentist may suggest a treatment plan to restore
teeth that are decayed, chipped, cracked,
discolored or even missing.
Different Types of Dental
Mercury Safe Fillings
Crown Lengthening
Gum Lift
Gum Recession Treatment
Root Coverage
Dental Crowns And Bridges
Porcelain Fillings
Teeth Whitening
Gum Lift Treatment
A gum lift or gum contouring procedure involves
gently removing excess gum tissue by
contouring and shaping the “gummy” section of
your smile. The smile is made up of more than
just teeth.
Root Coverage Procedure
Root coverage
procedures for the
treatment of localised
recession-type defects.
Using this procedures is
an important aspect of
periodontal regenerative
therapy. Root planing,
which will remove
cementum and softened
dentin and smoothe the
root surface.
Tips to Take Care of Teeth
Brushing your teeth at
night and at least one
other time during the day,
with a fluoride toothpaste
Cleaning between the
teeth with ‘interdental'
brushes or floss at least
once a day
Good eating habits.
Regular dental check-ups.
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