Le Charme Flower Delivery Near Me

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Le Charme Flower Delivery Near Me
55 Broad St, suite 890A
New York, NY 10004
(347) 502-2814
Mon - Sun 9am-7pm
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All cc, paypal, cash
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There are a lot of ideas in the world of floristry. The idea of the founder "Le Charme Fleur" was born to
see a luxurious, elegante and charming arrangement not only on Valentine's Day and on the Birthday,
but also on a normal day, thereby making this day happy. Having a lot of experience in growing, caring
and design of flowers, we could not pass by the modern flower industry.Each arrangement from the
collection of "Le Charme Fleur" is a feature, individuality and charm of each of us. The French style of
our product will bring more romance, luxury and elegance into your life. Affortable prices, luxury and
charm of a bouquet from "Le Charme Fleur" will not leave your heart indifferent.In our boutique you
can find any flowers in the world of floristry. We do custom orders. Our flower design specialist works
closely with each client individually. Also we make compositions with French macarons and champagne.
You can send a message in the form of a postcard to your loved one, a friend, a colleague, a relative. You
can be sure that your order will be executed and delivered in time. Our task is not only to satisfy you,
but to make an exceptionally charming and luxurious design in your life.