Different Lifting Equipment For Different Industrial Jobs

Different Lifting Equipment For Different Industrial Jobs
Products that are used for lifting, lowering and moving heavy loads are often referred to as lifting gear or lifting
tackle. A wide range of lifting gear is used either for safety reasons to prevent injuries or for lifting heavy loads
that are too heavy for a person to lift. These tools and equipments need regular inspection and test by a certified
individual to ascertain safety of the device. You should know that this equipment is very necessary for
industries, as these can make lifting process much simpler. If you are in limited budget you can think about
forklift rental service.
Different types of lifting gear
Shackle is a popular lifting gear, made of strong metal and features a ‘U’ shape. It has either a pin or a
bolt incorporated for safe locking. These devices are often used as a connector to attach items together.
Eyebolts are another popular lifting gear available at boom lift rental Singapore service, a screw with a
ring on the end and are screwed into different surfaces to provide a properly fixed anchoring point to
attaché further items.
Load restraints or ratchet lashings are rare but useful lifting gear used by lorry drivers as well as general
public. These are used for securing and tying down items.
Lifting slings are used for different purposes. A wide range of slings are available, such as chain slings,
web slings and wire rope slings.
Softer webbing slings are used to lift soft or easy loads while chain slings are used for tougher and
versatile purposes.
Pallet trucks are basic devices used on heavy duty wheels for simple moving of big items from one place
to another.
Beam clamps are used to clamp a beam and used on a jib crane or mobile gantry to make a secure fixing
point for additional lifting devices.
Ratchet level hoists are manual lifting gear, fixed to the load and the lever is used to raise and lower the
Chain hoists are another popular lifting gear that works by pulling on the chain to lift or lower the loads.
Electric scissors lift singapore are used to lift heavy loads at different environments. These tools use
chain to lift, however wire rope hoists are also available.
Thus, these are the most common types of crane lifting equipment that help in lifting, moving, lowering a
large and awkward loads. These tools offer additional safety to the workforce and can also work hard if
maintained on a regular basis.
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