What is a Cryo chamber

What is a Cryo chamber?
Cryotherapy is a treatment method that is becoming increasingly popular among athletes and celebrities. The
reason for this is the amazing health benefits that it has to offer which range from quick injury recovery to
healthier skin. However, most people are still wary about this treatment technique. It is mostly because they
don’t have much knowledge about it. Cryotherapy involves rapidly cooling down the temperature of the skin to
get the body into emergency mode and release all of its natural healing potential. The cooling of the skin is
performed using liquid nitrogen in a chamber which is termed as the cryochamber.
A cryochamber is an enclosed space in which one or more subjects can get the cryotherapy treatment. This
chamber is usually made of metal and is big enough for several people to get treated at once. In simple terms, it
is like a walk-in freezer. Cryo chambers are rectangular in shape and can have multiple entrances through which
you can enter them. The temperature inside them is controlled from the outside. It is done by pumping liquid
nitrogen via pipes, which lowers the temperature inside the chamber. Even though Cryo chambers make use of
liquid nitrogen for cooling the temperature, it doesn’t come in direct contact with your skin. So, there is no
chance of getting frostbite. The most you would feel is a little bit of tingling and nothing more.
Although Cryo chambers are very safe and you won’t freeze to death in one, there are some safety measures
that need to be taken before entering into one. For instance, you need to wear socks and gloves before you step
into the chamber. They help in ensuring that safety of the fingers and toes and protect them from being exposed
to the low temperature. There is a headband also provided before you are asked to enter to protect your head
while earmuffs and respiratory masks are also handed out. You would be allowed to keep your undergarments
on during the treatment too. All this protection is necessary because the extensively low temperatures inside the
Cryo chamber can be harmful to some parts of the body.
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