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McLan Accounting Services LLC's role is to help you navigate the complex and shifting tax laws to
facilitate the transfer of assets and minimize the tax liability of your beneficiaries. Everyone should have a
well thought out plan as to how to disburse one's estate so as to avoid complications and to be sure
wishes are followed. Having your taxes and estate thoroughly and carefully planned will ensure that your
loved ones don't have any complications to deal with during a time of loss.
Federal law requires you to maintain copies of your tax returns and supporting documents for three
years. This is called the "three-year law" and leads many people to believe they're safe provided they
retain their documents for this period of time.
Contrary to popular belief, there’s nothing in the U.S. Constitution or federal law that prohibits multiple
states from collecting tax on the same income. Although many states provide tax credits to prevent
double taxation, those credits are sometimes unavailable.
With more and more United States citizens earning money from foreign sources, the IRS reminds people
that they must report all such income on their tax return, unless it is exempt under federal law. U.S.
citizens are taxed on their worldwide income.
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