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Tax Accounting NYC
55 W 86th Street, First Floor
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Every business needs reliable accounting services to maintain profitability and adequately prepare for
new opportunities. McLan Accounting Services LLC offers a full range of accounting services: accounting
system setup and support, bookkeeping, general ledger, financial statement preparation, payroll, cash
flow budgeting, forecasting, employee benefit, profit-sharing plans, litigation support, corporate tax
planning and return preparation.
Outsourcing these essential finance and accounting services can not only reduce transaction costs, but
also leverage strategic financial decisions. Regardless of your business’s current accounting setup,
accounting services from McLan Accounting Services LLC will help you optimize your financial
There are many potential benefits to outsourcing your business’s accounting services. If you are just
getting started, you’ll benefit from having experienced professionals set up an appropriate accounting
system to help you maintain it. Many business owners also appreciate having a trusted outside source to
manage their books and keep their finger on the financial pulse of the company, rather than trust that to
an employee within their company.
At the same time, outsourcing accounting services will free up capacity within your organization to focus
on other essential business functions. Contact the professionals at McLan Accounting Services LLC to
learn how your business can benefit from outsourcing accounting services.
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