students collection and SoWeSigns solution

The student’s collection and SoWeSign’s solution
The follow-up of the students is established in a pedagogic approach implemented in the American system
of education. This approach is following a process of checking the exit of each minor students from
elementary, secondary or after school structures. To check that process, the parents or the person legally
designated as in charge of the child must sign and communicates his personal contact details in order to be
checked and assure to the school his legitimacy and pick up the child in a secure environment. The
collection of the signatures is made mainly by paper. The paper management is tedious and complicated.
SoWesign facilitates this process by offering a paper-free system to gather electronic signatures.
Administrative procedures are managed with comfort, security and easiness.
Our electronic sign in sheet software can be used through multiple devices like a tablet, computer or even a
personal mobile phone. Indeed, this software of digital sign in sheet enables a management and an
instantaneous transmission of the information running from an interface. Moreover the platform offers the
possibility to perform data input on a secured way.
The legal responsible for the child can types in advance in the software the details contacts of the person
who they authorize to get their children back to the school. So in this case the person could easily choose
and select his name in the list of authorized person stored in the database of SoWeSign, in this way it would
simplify the mission of checking the identity teachers or administrative staff have to complete. Furthermore,
the software will be able to create an electronic sign in sheet and register the personal historical of the
signature for each children and compile them in a single certificate traceable by an audit trail.
SoWeSign software provides a secure and easy new vision of the management with a digital attendance.
This process matches with the digital strategy of the American government which clearly defines these
intentions to simplify and digitalize these departments and services by using new technologies.