Shipping from China to Amazon

Important things to know about Shipping from China to
Amazon FBA
It’s 2019 and its time to make some money. Many people have already discovered that there is much
money to be made in Shipping from China to Amazon.
If you have been wondering how to get started with shipping from China to FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon),
then this article will be of much help you.
There is one thing every Amazon seller looks out for. And it is simply to find the best selling products, get it
produced in China or order it from China and then ship to Amazon without having to pay so much money
and still make enough profit
There are two main things you want to consider; whether to ship from China straight to Amazon FBA
warehouse, or ship it to yourself or a middleman and then send it to FBA warehouses.
For the first option, you as the supplier will have to prepare the product and make sure it meets the
Shipping from China to FBA specifications. It is very important that you make sure that there is no error at
this point. Failure to do so may cost you a lot.
If you are shipping from China, make sure you are always communicating with the manufacturer to ensure
that they follow the FBA specification.
There are some questions you need to ask yourself before proceeding further. Some of these questions
1. What product should I go for?
2. Will I be shipping it through sea or air freight?
3. How do I get it at the cheapest rate?
4. How can I build and maintain a good relationship with the supplier?
5. What is the best pricing strategy to use? Etc
Benefits of Shipping from China to Amazon
It takes lesser time to get the product to the warehouse unlike a situation where you are making
use of a middleman. This means that in no time, you will start selling on Amazon.
You will not have any need for a middleman, so you save money.
Disadvantages of Shipping from China to FBA
Amazon may ask you to ship the items to various warehouses
There will be no opportunity to check the product to ascertain if it meets the standard.
You must pay the freight duties first before it can get to Amazon.
Your product will not scale through if it does not meet Amazon standards.
If at any point you are not sure of how the process works, get an experienced middleman involved.
And finally, whether you are Shipping from China to Amazon or Shipping from China to FBA and you want
to make use of a shipping freight, choose China Freight so as to have the peace of mind that comes with
knowing that your goods are in safe hands
We will not only collect the products from you, but we can also store it for you, that is, act like the
middleman. And then, we ship it to any designated warehouse as stipulated by Amazon. We have
simplified shipping for your utmost convenience and satisfaction.