Hempstead Car Donation

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Hempstead Car Donation
30-40 W Columbia St, suite 345B
Hempstead, NY 11550
24 hours
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Have you been looking to make a difference in someone’s life? Have you also been
looking to get rid of that unwanted vehicle that’s been an eye soar in front of your
house? Hempstead Car Donation has the perfect solution to both these problems.
We have been facilitating car donations in Hempstead in the rest of Long Island for
over 20 years partnering with residents just like you to remove your car or truck and
help children overseas access education and literacy resources they would
otherwise not have access to. Call us today to start the car donation process. We
look forward to hearing from you.
Hempstead Car Donation is one of many charitable organizations in the Long Island
area, and we understand that donors may be wondering what sets us apart from
others. In addition to our 20 years in business and our legacy of partnership with
respected domestic and international children’s relief organizations.
Your donation goes to help improve the education and literacy resources for children
overseas, including organizations like The American Red Cross. This is your chance
to do some cleaning and clutter removal while making a true difference in a child’s
life. Hempstead Car Donation is ready to help residents in Long Island get rid of their
unwanted vehicles while giving a child the tools they need for success. Call our
experienced and qualified team today. We’ll immediately start the process of helping
you complete your tax-deductible donation.
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