Food Donation Instructions

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Catering Food Donation Guidelines
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Procedures for Caterers
EcoSet partners with advertising clients to redirect waste from landfills and create a positive impact by donating
these resources to the local community. We collaborate with Caterers to coordinate the donation of unserved
food from crew meals to support local non-profits and hunger relief organizations.
Why is it important to donate leftover food?
One in seven people in the United States are food insecure, meaning that they do not know where their next
meal is coming from. In the current economy non-profit food centers are more in need than ever, yet over 40%
of food grown in the US is not consumed. Moreover, food decomposing in a landfill is a large source for
greenhouse gas emissions such as methane.
Donation Liability Precautions:
Food donors are protected under the Federal and State “Good
Samaritan” laws. All donation recipients sign a Food Donation
Agreement form, offering additional protection to the donor by
documenting that the food was inspected at the time of donation and
is deemed acceptable by the food recovery agency.
• Perishable, non-hazardous foods such as bread, pastries and
fruits with a peel
• Potentially hazardous food that has been kept “at temperature”
until the time of pick up (below 40 or above 140 degrees).
• All canned and non-perishable foods
Any food, salad or sandwiches containing mayonnaise
Any fish, cooked or raw
Raw meat
Raw eggs
• Only pre-approved non-profits are included in the program
• Food is given away for free to the people served by these non-profits
• The recovery agent is in the vicinity of the lunch location, ensuring
timely transport once food is packed and released
• Recovery agent inspects food then signs a Food Donation Release form
to confirm food is in acceptable condition and release the production,
client and EcoSet of liability
Thank you for helping us to feed others!
Questions? Contact Amy Hammes, Donations Director / 323.669.0697 / [email protected]