Cheap Dentist Near ME

Cheap Dentist Near ME
3692 Bedford Ave, Suite P1F
Brooklyn, NY 11229
(347) 897-9328
Sunday-Tuesday 10AM–5PM
Thursday-Friday 10AM–5PM
Wednesday, Saturday – closed
All cc, cash.
But for more than one million New Yorkers with limited or no dental insurance, going to the dentist is far from
routine or affordable. Dent benefits Membership Club makes dental care attainable.
It makes visiting the dentist as easy as going to the gym. Set up like a gym membership, Dent benefits offers a 12month individual contract that gives members access to a whole spectrum of different dental procedures. And
there’s no waiting period — from the moment you sign up the plan is effective.
If a member cancels his/her membership after 30 days from the start of the membership and prior to receiving
dental treatment or consult by participating dentist, the member will not be held responsible for the remainder of
the monthly payments left in the 12 months contract .
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