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Car Donate NY
288 N Broad St, suite 1616B
Elizabeth, NJ 07208
24 hours
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Right now, sitting outside your home is an old and unwanted vehicle
serving as nothing but a hassle and eyesore on your street and in your
driveway. At the same time, there are legions of children both in the United
States and abroad who need access to quality education and literacy
resources. What if there was a solution that simultaneously solved both of
these problems?There is: Elizabeth, NJ Car Donation. We are an
established and reputable organization with years of experience helping
customers in Elizabeth and surrounding communities get rid of their
unwanted cars and trucks while improving the educational prospects of
children everywhere. Call Elizabeth, NJ Car Donation today to learn
more.Rather than waste time, money and resources trying to junk or fix
your unwanted vehicle, let Elizabeth Car Donation take the hassle and
guesswork out of the process. We proudly serving customers in Elizabeth
and surrounding areas to make the donation process as easy and
accessible as possible.Stop looking at the old and unwanted car or truck
outside your window and debating about what to do with it. Rather than
continue to tell yourself that you’re going to “fix it up” someday, free
yourself from continuous insurance payments and the potential thousands
of dollars it can cost to bring your vehicle back to life. If you’re vehicle no
longer works for you, or no longer works period, call Elizabeth Car
Donation today to turn your heap into help.
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