Funeral Homes Near Me

Funeral Homes Near Me
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From the moment you walk in the front doors, you’ll feel a world away from the hustle and bustle of the
street. That is how it should be. You should feel you are in a sacred space, where sacred things are
happening. Saying goodbye to a loved one is something that connects all humans, through time and
space.It can be argued that it is one of the most telling markers of a civilization, and how it is done tells
about who we are as a people; what do we believe about life, and the afterlife. These are weighty
matters and so the space in which they are conducted should suit it. We should feel untroubled by life
outside and feel comfortable taking time for contemplation and meditation on the meaning of things, the
meaning of life.
We offer services that allow your to say goodbye to the recently deceased in the way that most
appropriately fits your family and your culture, be it religious or secular. We offer funeral services,
cremation services, graveside services and shipping services for those who wish to return to their
homeland for their eternal repose.
Our Funeral director can guide you through the process, from picking out the coffin to choosing the type
of funeral or memorial service you feel will best celebrate the life of your loved one. We can also arrange
for your loved one to return to their Caribbean homeland for their eternal repose, if that is what you wish
for them.
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