SO MUCH LOWER? - Newcomer Funeral Home Indianapolis

Why Are Our Prices
1. We simply choose to accept less profit than other funeral homes.
When a family loses a loved one, even if it is expected, it is a very difficult time.
No family deserves the additional burden of high funeral or cremation costs.
2. Our facility is beautiful, but not ostentatious.
That means you aren’t paying for fancy furnishings, elaborate landscaping,
or rooms you won’t use.
3. Unlike many funeral homes, we don’t own a large fleet of limousines.
The average limousine costs more than $70,000. If a funeral home has a large
fleet of vehicles, they are just showing off, and you are paying for it.
4. We are open and honest with our prices, with no hidden charges or fees.
By law, every funeral home has to have a General Price List available to anyone who
asks for it. But it’s amazing how many funeral homes are reluctant to provide you
with their price list, or who have a different price list at their facility on the other side
of town. We will gladly give you our price list, and a comparison of other local funeral
homes prices (including all their locations) as well.
5. We pay our funeral directors based on how well they serve families,
not how much merchandise they sell.
And we don’t push you to buy services that you don’t need. We want you to feel
comforted by the choices you’ve made, not regret about overspending in a time of grief. • 317-737-1545