Various effective treatments for leg cramps

Various effective treatments for leg cramps
There are many varicose veins natural treatment. Below you can read various
treatments for leg cramps
It is the ideal treatment to eliminate small varicose veins or superficial spider veins of
small extension. It consists in the infiltration in the painful varicose veins, which will
travel through the vein causing its degeneration and finally definitive disappearance.
To eliminate annoying varicose veins and with the risk of degenerating into bigger
problems, the best treatment is Sclerotherapy with Microfoam. It is valid for both small
varicose veins and large (truncal) varicose veins.
is rf ablation painful – no it is not. At first, with the infiltration of the product we
achieved a visual and aesthetic improvement since apparently the varicose vein
disappears. This effect is due to the fact that the introduced substance pushes the
accumulation of stagnant and deoxygenated blood, which looks red, green or purple,
and is replaced by another colorless substance, giving the sensation that the vein has
Previously, the restless leg treatment with sclerotherapy introduced the product in a
liquid state, and as it passed through the veins it was able to be reabsorbed by the
venous walls. With the Microfoam what is achieved is that the product adheres to the
walls of the glass, thanks to its foam state, and while this microfoam melts it is making
an effect on the inner surface of the vein.
Surgical technique
Radiofrequency ablation treatment is a totally effective technique if practiced properly.
It consists of disconnecting the vein of its origin and its end, ending by its extraction
The drawback of this technique is that it is more traumatic for the patient compared to
the other techniques; it generates a lot of bruising, the postoperative period is more
complex, you have to wear a compressive bandage for a while, it costs more to recover.
Also for this technique an anesthesia with epidural is needed.
As in any aesthetic medicine treatment, the doctor's assessment of each patient is key
to being able to diagnose the most appropriate treatment to treat varicose veins and to
guarantee the best results.
First of all, a physical examination is performed, which is what they do by palpating and
observing the area or areas to be treated. This clinical examination is performed with
the patient standing to see the legs in overload.
In the second place, the doctor performs a deeper study, Doppler ultrasound of varicose
veins and takes superficial thrombophlebitis pictures. The Doppler venous echo is an
ultrasound technique that allows visualizing the functioning and structure of the blood
vessels with measurement of blood flow and vascular resistance to the passage of said
flow. The doctor also relies on the Eco Doppler to rule out phlebitis or possible problems
related to circulation.
Thanks to this technique, the doctor can map the venous system, both superficial and
deep, to see which veins are affected and in what way.
With superficial veins it is possible to perform the treatment with greater agility,
After the varicose veins pregnancy treatment, the patient should wear special
compression stockings, and depending on the type of vein, they should take them more
or less time. The function of the media is to exert a decreasing compression, from
bottom to top, which roughly the work is done by the veins.