Kesler Podiatry of Hawthorne

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Kesler Podiatry of Hawthorne
1083 Goffle Road
Hawthorne, NJ 07506
(973) 529-8406
Thursday 9am–6pm
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Kesler Podiatry, PC, Foot and Ankle Specialists of NJ, is a podiatric medicine, surgery, and biomechanics
facility dedicated to providing patients with the very best in podiatric care. We offer a full range of
diagnostic services and superior treatment for all disorders of the foot and ankle.
Kesler Podiatric, PC, is equipped with a state-of-the-art diagnostic suite. Our office located in Hawthorne,
NJ is one of the few podiatric practices in north NJ to offer both Advanced Diagnostic Ultrasound and XRay, and we are proud to be the only practice in the area to offer a revolutionary laser treatment for
Toenail Fungus.
Ankle and Foot Orthotics are orthopedic devices that fit in a shoe to reduce the risk of injury, make foot
motion more efficient, and modify foot function. Orthotics are designed to treat, adjust, and support
biomechanical foot disorders and in some cases may be used as an alternative to surgery.
Custom orthotics can be especially helpful to patients who suffer from diabetes, plantar fasciitis, hammer
toes, heel spurs, and arthritis. We create custom orthotics in our Hawthorne, NJ podiatry office by using
an impression of the patient’s foot, which duplicates any misalignments in the foot’s structure.
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