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At NYC Glass Works, we are experts in manufacturing, designing, and installing glass window systems to
let the light in while keeping the heat and UV rays out of your interiors. Curtain wall windows have been
used in past centuries, and continue to be used now. Like with most of today's construction, windows
that make curtain walls, have combined the best from past history, with today's technology, to make a
curtain wall window, that is the best of both worlds.
Many architects use glass in their designs to make the curtain wall, to provide a low cost material and
also provide additional benefits, such as using the sun for natural lighting. There is also the benefit of
heating and cooling the building, with today's solar technology. When combining glass and aluminum to
make curtain walls, the walls can be designed to please the owner, and also make the building unique.
Curtain wall windows are beautiful, and have a long life span. It is important, however, to look for a
professional to install the walls with quality glass. Curtain wall windows are beautiful, economical, and
offer security, now, and in the future.
Soundproofing the windows at the house of the office can be of great benefit to everyone inside and
outside those panes of glass. There might be a teenage rock band practicing inside the house or an
important business meeting that requires quiet. Regardless of the need, soundproofing for windows is an
essential part of making interior spaces comfortable and more functional.Sounds From The Inside When
there is a musician in the house, a rock band, a penchant for loud music, or lots of small children, it
might be best to soundproof the windows of the house just to keep as much sound in as possible. No one
wants to be a disturbance to their neighbors, and the neighbors can be kept happy with a little bit of
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