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Metal Exterior Doors Manufacturer
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Getting the absolute most out of every inch of available office space is key when setting up a positive work
environment. One of the most basic ways to accomplish this goal is to truly open up space so that employees can
communicate effectively, workers enjoy their surroundings, and clients can feel welcome when coming for
meetings and presentations.
Sliding doors in combination with static panes will create a dynamic feel for the work space that encourages
movement and keeps access the the surrounding cityscape as a part of the equation. The push towards eliminating
the dry, cubicle feel that characterizes the stereotypical office is strong for a reason. Creating an atmosphere using
glass as a central element makes people feel more comfortable and, ultimately, results in them being more
productive while on the clock. The inclusion of a glass office partition in any layout will allow for incorporating the
cubicle concept without isolating employees.
New York Doors & Windows Inc is proud to be your single source glass contractor for all architectural glazing and
glass installation needs. With over 20 years of experience in the field of custom glass works, glazing and
architectural designs, our work includes installation of curtain walls, storefronts, entrances, enclosures, revolving
doors, table tops.
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