Funeral Service Flatlands

Funeral Service Flatlands
Address: 1922 Utica Ave, suite 110, Brooklyn, NY 11234
Phone: 347-775-3426
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When you honor the life of your loved one, it demonstrates how much you value the relationship
you shared. Bringing together those you love at a time of loss is the first step toward healing. We can
help you create a memorable and meaningful event, whether it’s traditional or contemporary. Your
choices include the place of celebration, the day of the week and time of day; the musical selection,
what prayers will be said and/or songs you’d like sung.
You’ll need to decide whether you want your loved one to be buried or cremated. If you choose a
burial, you can have a viewing with the body present and if you want it to be public or private. You’ll
also need to make arrangements for a cemetery plot.
If you choose to have your loved one cremated, you can still have the body present for viewing
before the cremation. Many families do not know this option exists, which can provide the needed
closure on the path toward healing. After cremation, the remains can be scattered or kept in an urn
or another keepsake.Our goal is to offer you a tribute that pays respect to your loved one. We will
do everything we can to uphold your family history.
It’s not just an emotional matter when a loved one dies, it’s also a legal one that requires the timely
completion of paperwork. The first step involves accurately completing and filing the Death
Certificate and Burial or Cremation permit.
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